Complementary Program

Tour Sagrada Familia

Duration: 1:30 hours approximately

Friday July 24th


Barcelona is known as the capital of Modernism, where the famous architect Antoni Gaudí lived and worked. This building is located in the middle of Barcelona and over the years has become one of the city's and country's most universal signs of identity. It is visited by millions of people a year, and many others study its architectural and religious contents. We will visit the impressive inside of this church, where the vaults are seventy metres high. Antoni Gaudí designed it in the shape of a Latin cross with five naves, extremely rich in decoration and symbolism. You will also visit the museum on the history of the development of this Basilica.

Montserrat morning Tour

Duration: 5:30 hours approximately

Saturday July 25 , departure at 09:15h


Going through picturesque towns in the province we reach the incomparable setting of the Montserrat mountain, to the right of the Llobregat river, majestically rising 1235 m above sea level. The Montserrat mountain is a unique natural park in the world and Sanctuary of the Patron Saint of Catalonia. We will visit the Royal Basilica, where the Moreneta Virgin or also known of as the Black Virgin is, a Romanesque sculpture from the 13th century. The Basilica has been one of the most important places of pilgrimage in our country for many centuries. Some days you can see the singing of the "Escolanía". the oldest children's choir in Europe. You can also enjoy a tasting of 4 typical liqueurs of Montserrat and enter the "Espai Audiovisual Montserrat Portes Endins".

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Organised Tours Guide attached below including plenty of  'must have seen' places when visiting the city of Barcelona.

WAMOS Organised Tours Guide of barcelona